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Glenn Watson/USA Network

Coby Bell’s career has taken him to new heights — specifically, around 30,000 feet.

In the 2009 Oscar-nominated film Up in the Air, George Clooney’s character aspires to notch a record-breaking 10 million frequent-flier miles on American Airlines. In real life, actor Coby Bell — already high-profile thanks to steady gigs on two hit television shows, BET’s The Game and USA’s Burn Notice — is fast on his way to besting Clooney’s superfly status.

“Flying is all I do,” Bell laughs, noting the weekly — sometimes twice-weekly — cross-country flights he logs between Burn Notice’s Miami location and his home base of Los Angeles, where he and his wife have four young children. “Well, sometimes I do some acting too. But mostly I fly.”

Bell, who often whiles away the hours listening to Ricky Gervais podcasts on his iPod, says American Way is his favorite magazine (“Because it’s always right in front of me,” he says) and knows many AA flight staffs on a first-name basis. The 37-year-old says AA always takes extraordinary care of him, but there’s one thing he feels he’s missing: a crown. “I am king of flying, after all,” he jokes.

Perhaps the airline is saving Bell’s crowning for this fall when the busy actor adds a third destination to his regular flight route: The Game just relocated its production to Atlanta. “Can you believe it?” he asks. “Seriously, I’m very lucky at the moment — I’ve got two good jobs. My dad would call these champagne problems.”

He pauses. “But I still want my crown.”