Real men aren’t afraid to talk about their feelings. They’re also willing to discuss exfoliation. Catch them at the right time, and they’ll touch on moisturizing too. The point is, real men have a realistic outlook. They know they’re only human and that good looks go skin-deep. In recognition of the real needs of this very real market, Clinique has released a new line of skin care products, formulated just for you-know-who. Created with the expert input of dermatologists, the new CLINIQUE FOR MEN features a curated portfolio of cleansers, moisturizers, shave creams, sunscreen and more. As a high-tech complement, Clinique has also launched an online diagnostic tool that helps men identify what type of skin they have (normal/dry or normal/oily), along with product combos that would suit them best. An exfoliator, maybe. Or an antiaging eye cream to combat crow’s-feet. Every man gets them. Real men are able to admit that.