Top 30 Cliff-hangers -- and Then Some

As this year’s prime-time shows gear up for sweeps month, we take a look back at television’s most memorable, nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat cliff-hangers of the last 30 years. They run the gamut, including everything from Dallas’s infamous “Who shot J.R.?” episode to M*A*S*H’s series finale (the most watched episode in TV history) to the brain-twisting puzzle that is Lost, a virtual cliff-hanger in and of itself. And, of course, who can ever forget the night that most of America thought their cable had gone out at the most crucial of all moments, just as Tony Soprano was about to be whacked (or not)? But it wasn’t a faulty cable box. The screen really did cut to black, and viewers really were left to wonder whatever became of Tony Soprano. (The debate rages on in our office.) As impressive as we believe our list to be, though, we know that it’s a very subjective one. So in case we’ve missed any, we want you to weigh in with your picks. What have we missed?

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