. Photographs by Sean McCormick.

Funny how somebody who had never heard of American Way's Ultimate Road Warrior Search captured the essence of this year's contest in just 11 words - and long before the competition's debut.  We can't help but think that in our fifth Road Warrior competition, we struck a universal chord that has resonated with travelers for decades, if not centuries. Namely, that no matter where you go or how far you go, everyone carries a bit of home with them or finds it on their travels. A home away from home, if you will.  The five people you'll meet in the following pages were exceptional - and exceptionally articulate - in answering the essay question we posed to all our readers: "Besides home, there's no place like _____." Their answers were as unique as each personality, a delicious mix of whimsy, insight, wit, and charm.  These five were just as fun when we played an updated version of the classic travel game Twenty Questions with them, proving beyond a doubt that a true road warrior is prepared for anything, no matter how silly it may be.  Frankly, we're just glad we didn't have to make the final decision about who would win the grand prize. We left that unenviable task to our readers, and almost 40,000 of you voted online.  Of the 9,188 entrants, these five people shone the brightest, shedding a little light on how to feel at home when you're really not.

Grand-Prize Winner
Jaime Vogel

I'm 28 years old, but I feel like I'm …
Older when I'm on the road, because it can get tiring. But at home I'm definitely my age - young and single.

My first airplane trip was … When I was 18 months old and went to visit my grandparents in Florida. When I was two, I asked for my own luggage.

When I was a little girl, I wanted to grow up to be … A doctor.

Five years from now, I want to … Have used at least 500,000 of my AAdvantage miles.

Clark Kent (Superman) or Bruce Wayne (Batman)? Clark Kent. We're both nerds.

If I'm having a party and have to prepare one dish, it would be … I don't cook - I live in hotels.

Sing in the car or shower? Car. Often and loudly.

My go-to song when I'm in the mood to belt out a tune: "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John.