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For many beer drinkers, the flat-top can is an antiquated relic of brewing history that’s only seen in dusty pub displays and in atmospheric scenes on Mad Men. But one brewery is changing that. The newly launched Churchkey Can Co. is turning back the clock 50 years by packaging its beer in the steel cans of yesteryear, which require a church-key opener to get to the good stuff. But this ain’t Schlitz; it’s a handcrafted Northwest-style pilsner with a robust malty taste and a spicy Saaz-hop bitterness. As for the distinctive smooth-topped cans, Churchkey went back to the basics and is working with beer-can pioneer the Ball Corporation to get the look and feel just right. Initially distributed in Oregon and Washington state, the beer will soon be available in other markets throughout the U.S. and through its online store. www.churchkeycanco.com