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Zachary Levi isn’t the only guy on TV boasting the quirky Chuck moniker. Here’s a guide to our favorite recent TV Chucks.

Chuck Bartowski
Chuck’s titular character (played by Zachary Levi) is a nerd by day and a superspy by night. He pines for his handler, Sarah Walker; lives with his sister, Ellie Bartowski; and is forever loyal to his best friend, Morgan Grimes.

Chuck Bass
Gossip Girl’s resident bad boy (played by Ed Westwick) is the orphaned son of a billionaire and stays busy romancing women and wooing Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester).

Charlotte “Chuck” Charles
On the recently canceled Pushing Daisies, the lone female Chuck on our list (played by Anna Friel) and her love interest, Ned (Lee Pace), couldn’t touch or she’d die. And you thought your relationship was complicated.

Chuck Liddell
The Ultimate Fighting champ has ruled the wrestling world for years. But we prefer watching him use his physical prowess on the dance floor rather than in the ring, as he did on Dancing with the Stars last season.

Chuck Woolery
Though the longtime host is best known for his work on Love Connection and The Dating Game, our favorite place to watch him is on reruns of Lingo. We always know he’s just “two and two” away.

Chuck Norris
It’s been a while since this Chuck (born Carlos Ray Norris) graced our TV sets on Walker, Texas Ranger, but we were afraid he’d kick our butts if we didn’t include him on this list.