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Finding a Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone can be a nerve-racking, worrisome task. I mean, we just wrapped up Christmas two months ago, and really, what’s left to give?

Then, in the case of new relationships, there’s always the added headache of trying to find that one perfect gift that balances “Hey, I like you, and I want to keep seeing you” with “But seriously, don’t worry, I don’t have us walking down the aisle just yet.” (Hey, unless that’s what you want to say; however, we strongly advise against it.) With this in mind, we thought the perfect solution would be to have two of our esteemed, in-the-know, always-trendy contributing writers pick five great gifts that they would want — one set from a female perspective and the other from a guy’s point of view . Get it? We thought so. Read on to see what to buy come February 14 (or possibly a few days before).