Tip Four: Spend Some Hard-Earned Money
Ricci has made her mark playing characters that would be right at home on the offbeat streets of New Orleans. (It's easy to imagine Wednesday Addams and Lucy, the runaway who paints portraits of Barbra Streisand in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, sitting side-by-side eating beignets at Café Du Monde.) "I know I don't fit into the typical molds," she says. "I also look kind of funny. I'm kind of odd looking. So I've never been the traditional character. But I think as I get older, there will be more parts. More nontraditional roles."

In the meantime, even if she's not playing the girlfriend in romantic comedies, she's managing to stay busier than a lot of actors. And when she's not working, one thing Ricci loves to do is shop. She says she's stuffed her closet with jackets and shoes, among other things. And in New Orleans - along Royal Street in the French Quarter in particular - she found all the antique jewelry anyone could want. "What I really loved about the city was all the antique stores everywhere, and all the antique jewelry," she says."I'd never seen such a concentration of antique jewelry stores. And I can say that I did do some buying."

That buying extended beyond the Quarter to Magazine Street. It stretches across half the city and contains numerous store clusters- everything from antiques to vintage clothing to costume shops.

"I loved the shopping on Magazine Street," Ricci says. "They've got a lot of antique stores there, too. But I went to more of the antique jewelry stores in the Quarter. Mostly, I went to Magazine Street for all the clothing stores and the thrift stores that you can find there. They've got so much fun stuff."

Ricci hit places like the Funky Monkey, a vintage store and costume shop all in one, and nearby Shoe-Nami, a trendy store for women's shoes. "It's different on Magazine Street, too, than walking around in the Quarter," she says. "At one point, I drove down to Magazine Street to do some shopping, and being in the car and being down there kind of speeded up the city's pace. But … only a little."