Well, it's been a good 18 years of "Jealous Again," so I'm hoping everyone can go without it for a few months. But the reality of it is that this is the most proud we have ever been of a recording, and it really put our locomotive back on the tracks. So, we want to get out there and play it in one unadulterated lump.

Let's talk about the music. There's a track on the new album called "Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution." What's it about?

That's a jumping-off place for our record. It mirrors the theme of the title, Warpaint. It's a super rock-and-roll sort of song. But inside of it, it's saying, 'There's freedom to be had in your adventure, but the only way you're going to be able to feel it is to fight for your own.' No matter what the fear-driven powers that be are telling you - it could be anything, corporations, banks, etc. - there is always stuff inside of you that's truly revolutionary.

Now, let's suppose I'm drowning my sorrows and having a nip of Southern Comfort. Which of your new songs would I want to listen to?

"Oh Josephine." It's the "5:45 in the morning and the sun is coming up" song. For some of us, there's great wisdom to be found in those times. There is some clarity in the middle of the chaos. The emotion of the song harks back to where I have personally been and is more optimistic about where love can take you.