Second-year defensive lineman Chris Hovan is finding out how good it is to be king — a Viking, that is. A first-round pick for Minnesota in the 2000 draft, Hovan has been after NFL QBs ever since — a feat he hopes to continue all the way to Super Bowl XXXVI.

AW: You made the playoffs last year as a rookie. how are you feeling now?
That was really a bonus. I’m just happy that I got drafted by a great organization. My goal when I came here was to win, and being in the playoffs was awesome.

AW: Are the Vikings a complete package on both sides of the ball?
I feel that each phase is getting better every week. Every time we give the offense the ball they are dangerous. They can score every time that they get the ball. Our defense is improving each week, so both sides of the ball are doing well, and our special teams come up big for us as well. We have all three sides going for us. It shouldn’t be about being complete on both sides; it should be about being complete on three sides, including special teams.

AW: Do you ever get tired of the Viking horn sounding after every big play?
No, I like the Viking horn.

— J.E.M.