Mango Blossom

With a name like Tiger Blossom (324 Bowery; 212-673-3020), one of the hottest new Asian restaurants in NYC’s East Village, you’d expect there’s a whole lot of sake going on. Along with a menu of tantalizing dishes such as organic chicken cooked in
a clay pot, baby back ribs in a spicy Asian sauce, sushi a la carte, and twice-cooked calamari, many of the bar’s special cocktails do indeed use an array of sakes. “When we developed our cocktail list, we wanted something that worked great with American-produced sakes but with an Asian twist,” says chef-owner Chris Cheung. “We started experimenting with mango and came up with this killer recipe. Mango Blossom has since become our most popular cocktail.”

2 oz. sake
1 oz. champagne
1 oz. mango nectar
Place some crushed ice in a martini glass, then pour in the sake, followed by the champagne and last the nectar. Do not stir. The cocktail should have a layered look. Garnish with a slice of lychee and insert a straw.