Follow in pioneers' footsteps on the Elm Fork section of Campión Trails, just a crow's flight (or cab ride)from the airport. There's a trailhead on O'Connor Road in the Las Colinas Urban Center; from there, the paved path wanders 3.3 miles along the Trinity River, past crossings once used by wagon trains heading West. Amateur botanists will like the signs identifying plants and trees; horse lovers can get a glimpse of their favorite mammals on the adjacent polo fields. And you'll be exercising instead of grazing on the airport concessions. For more info, see
Distance from airport: seven miles. Best transportation option: taxi.

Call the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge a paradox: It's a Superfund cleanup site and a haven for - among more than 300 species - the American bald eagle. It's also right down the highway from the airport. (303) 289-0232
Distance from airport: four miles. Best transportation option: taxi.

Like to practice your swing in the dead of a Northern European winter? Then take a quick hop over to Deutscher Indoor Golf Verband, or DIGV for short. Use the robotic tutor to improve your top swing, and then show your stuff on a virtual course (Pebble Beach, anyone?). Practice chipping and putting on the greens. Take a lesson from one of the on-site pros. Then unwind at the lounge or browse the pro shop. Just like real golf, only warmer. 011-49-6543-50-57-0,
Distance from airport: half a mile. Best transportation option: taxi.