Belt, shoes, jacket off
Scan me, pat me, arms spread out
Run, gate, wait, I shout.
Teresa Hilligoss, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Where is my luggage?
Which country am I in now?
And what is the time?
Timothy Denehy, McKinney, Texas

True road warriors
Wake in exciting new worlds
While dreaming of home.
James Widergren, Cerritos, California

Hotel room first night
Wake in middle of the night
Can't find the bathroom.
Joel Henning, Chicago, Illinois

Why limit yourself?
Humiliation worldwide
That should be your goal.
Karl Coleman, Boston, Massachusetts

Did I switch time zones?
Checking in or checking out?
Where am I today?
Daniel McCoy, Fort Collins, Colorado

Manic, the search for
A free power outlet at
Many an airport.
Jane Raynandi, New York, New York

Three hundred hotels
In eighteen months, seems only
The shampoo changes.
William Radosevich, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Road warrior's code word for
Having a great time.
Nancy Beyer, Marengo, Iowa

My life at airports. 
Just found out, first-class upgrade
Vodka soda, please.
Eric Viele, Austin, Texas