Happiness is this
Your name on the upgrade list
At the very top.
Mark Rickards, Flower Mound, Texas

Airport gate seating
Brings to mind Marquis de Sade
Love Admirals Club.
William Bryden, Conway, Arkansas

Travel, what a pain
To get from place A to B
Teleport me, please.
Dude Poole, Hilliard, Ohio

In commuter strife
My car goes nowhere; my mind
travels round the globe.
Christine Rasmussen, Brandywine, Maryland

With wings, skyward loft
Landing, grounded, home.
Mark Dvornik, Lewisville, Texas

Security line
I move fast, why don't you too?
Road warriors speed.
Allison Watson, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Plane, train, car, boat, bus
Are second homes for people
Who are you and me.
Peter Emminger, Beacon, New York

It is midnight here
I wake up I know not where
I fall over chair.
Mark Gibbons, Lone Tree, Colorado

Missed her game again
Only a few days this time...
Heartache. Single mom.
Vickie Goto, South Pasadena, California