Don't sweat the small stuff.
Jason Kaufman, Great Neck, New York

Silence is golden
In my hotel room at night
Read, snooze, turn off light.
Vince Ellwood, Dallas, Texas

Soar to new places
Where we learn from new people
And touch others too.
Ronald Overmann, San Francisco, California

Cruel polarity!
For crying babies on board
I am the magnet.
Keith Saks, Coral Gables, Florida

Mighty baggage claim
My suitcase; be the first one
For all to envy.
James Lee, San Francisco, California

Work hard, play hard, right?
But why do I want to play
With my coworkers?
Ryan Orsini, Irvine, California

Sad to leave the kids
But all will be forgiven
If I bring presents.
Alan Jenkins, Brooklyn, New York

There's a beer in hand
In a comfy first-class seat
Better than traffic.
Patrick McEvoy, Dallas, Texas