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In just three lines and 17 syllables, our readers capture a lifetime of travel experiences.

Packing for the trip
Anticipating my needs
I forgot my shoes.
Jillien Cruse, Chicago, Illinois

Your seat will define
Exactly who you are now
Exit-row aisle.
John Fruehe, Austin, Texas

Time equals my life
Productivity is key
Use seconds wisely.
Stephen Johnson, Bloomington, Illinois

All my good socks gone
Shoes come off for the X-ray
Toe holes walk of shame.
Ronnie Perkins, Crandall, Texas

Laptop, Starbucks, cell
Ziplocs, Benadryl to sleep
iPod: My weapons.
Anne Buchholz, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Oh, humanity
Ten months, 23 countries
With new eyes I see.
Jeff Labhart, Tillamook, Oregon

Mom said reach for stars
So I spend most my time at
Thirty thousand feet!
Gretchen Bieber, Chicago, Illinois

Japanese to learn
Six thousand miles yet to go
Sleep a distant dream.
Joseph Hebert, Frisco, Texas

Flying all around
Teaching about climate change
Paradox for sure.
Brendan Owens, Alexandria, Virginia

Each day is a gift
Appreciate each moment