Laser tag? You still play laser tag? Really? Oh yeah. I'm trying to get good at it. I'm very competitive. We have a softball game every year, you know? We put that together, and I want to win that. But I want to win at laser tag too. We play it every summer when I'm home. It's for bragging rights between me and my boys. Definite bragging rights. I lost last year, and they've been getting on me since then. I can't wait to play this year; I really want to win. I hate losing.

Chicago, obviously, is known for its deep-dish pizza. Is there one pizza joint you prefer over the others? Growing up, I liked to go to Home Run Inn.

What's that? It's like Pizza Hut.

It's a chain? Yeah. They have them all over the place.

You're from Chicago and you picked a chain? You better be careful - they could revoke your Chi-town membership card for that. Hey, you know, pizza is pizza. I like pizza, but, to me, it's always good. For me, it was more about the experience, because, when I was a kid, my dad would take me there and it was just fun. Going out with my dad for pizza - that was all I cared about. It didn't matter where he took me. Just as long as he took me.

Okay, fair enough. What about restaurants? Is there a particular place where you like to eat when you're back in Chicago? Maybe something people don't know about? You know, my favorite spot is probably McDonald's or IHOP or something like that. I'm simple. I don't do too much. I don't do anything too extravagant. I like to keep it simple.

You know you're killing me here. People are on an airplane right now reading about how Dwyane Wade likes McDonald's. There's no food that really means Chicago - something that you have to have when you're home? Oh yeah, I've got to have Harold's Chicken. They're all over the city. They're these little chicken shacks, kind of. Really good chicken. When I'm in town with my teammates, we always get Harold's Chicken. I was telling them about it for so long. So when we come up here, we have to get it. All the guys get it.

So what do you order? Well, it's just mainly fried chicken. And fries. The chicken and fries are all smothered in this special barbecue sauce. Well, it's not really barbecue sauce; it's more like a mild sauce. But they pour it all over the chicken and the fries. Mmmmm. That stuff is so good. That's Chicago.