I've never met anyone from Chicago who doesn't pick sides. So when you're home, do you head to Wrigley Field or Comiskey Park, now known by its less-historical name, U.S. Cellular Field? You know, I kind of go back and forth. When Sammy [Sosa] was here, I really liked the Cubs. The new park [U.S. Cellular Field] is really nice. It's got everything you'd want a new stadium to have. But with Wrigley, that's history. That's what everyone talks about - everyone talks about the history. When you're at Wrigley, you feel like you're sitting in history. It's a unique place.

Okay, so what do you think about the United Center, the relatively new home of the Chicago Bulls? Were you ever in the old arena? Because I hear the old arena had a lot of history too. Oh yeah, it did. I only went to one game in the old arena, back when I was a kid. I think I was in the fifth grade. We actually got to go down and play on the Bulls' floor - I think they were away or something. I don't remember. But that was great. The old one had that feel, yeah - and that's where the Bulls first got it going [during the Michael Jordan era, which produced six championships]. But I probably like the new one better. As a player, you like the new ones better just because they have all the stuff you're looking for. It just has a more modern feel and all the little things players like.

When you were growing up, where did you play? What is the best place in the city to test your game? For me, my favorite place - I mean, everyone used to go there - was the Lakefront. It's right down on the water in the city, and there were always really good games going. When I was a shorty, I would go down there, and I remember, once, that [former Chicago Bull and Michael Jordan running mate] Scottie [Pippen] was down there playing. There was some talent down there. A lot of it. Sometimes it was hard to get a game. I would just sit and wait to get in a game with some of the older guys. But sometimes my dad would take me down there and say we had next. He'd bring his own five - me and my dad and a few of my friends or some people he knew. Playing with my dad when I was a kid, that was just a really good time. I took a beating back then, but we got some wins too.

You're an NBA baller now. My idea of NBA stardom is staying in plush hotels and having people wait on me. Is there a place where you always stay when you go home because it treats you especially well? We just bought a place, but before that, we used to stay at the Doral on Michigan Avenue (now the Millennium Park Plaza). It's like a hotel with corporate condos and stuff like that. They have spas and suites and a health club and all that. It's a nice area - you know, Michigan Avenue is a big shopping strip in Chicago. They have all kinds of department stores and things like that down there. I like being downtown in the city. It's a great experience being down there because you have a view of the city and all the buildings, and there's a view of the water too. It just feels like home.

What about hot spots? I imagine there are a lot of bars and clubs in Miami, but is there any element of Chicago that can compare to the South Beach scene? Not really. I mean, they're two different places. They're two different cultures. Miami is great in its own way. Chicago is great too. It's just different. I just love downtown. It's beautiful. I love to walk around down there.

You walk around down there? What about when it's cold? Because I don't think people who haven't been to Chicago have a real appreciation for how cold it gets there. Yeah, you know what? That doesn't matter. I don't care how long you live here, you just don't get used to it. In the winter, it's cold as can be in Chicago. You can't imagine. But I don't really have to deal with the winter up here because I'm in Miami. On Christmas Day, it's usually, like, 85 degrees down there. It's the best of both worlds for me.

All right. When you're home, then, what do you do to pass the time? I don't go anywhere popular or anything like that. Nothing trendy. You know where we go? I go to the same place I used to go with my friends when we were kids - we still go there. Me and my boys go to this place called Hollywood Park. It's in Crestwood. They have all kinds of stuff. It's got video games and miniature golf, and you can shoot baskets there. They have laser tag too.