Check out these websites that let you “build your own” anything, from chocolate candies to automobiles. You can get M&M’s imprinted with your own message (, custom-blended ice cream (, or personalized shower gels and hand soaps ( Even ultraluxe bling can transform from your imagination to reality. Chic luggage manufacturer Hartmann ( just rolled out made-to-order luggage in limited-edition patterns such as zebra- and cheetah-print calf hair. About 75 percent of Mini Cooper ( customers cruise through 70 options to design their cars online (yes, Chili red remains the most popular color). The only drawback to all this creative freedom? Intuitive software slickly displays every modification, meaning consumers — especially the somewhat indecisive — may find themselves spellbound by the myriad possibilities (teal ... no, turquoise ... how about fuchsia? ... no, try teal again)