Photograph by Pat Haverfield

You've devoted full rainy Sundays to them. You've tried to mimic their knife skills. You've traveled far and wide to try their restaurants: They're the TV chefs, the personalities who have inspired you to go whole hog in your kitchen (or at least to stop storing your sweaters in your oven), and they've made you think, I can do that! And now, because they want to be with you every step of the way (and to expand their cooking empires), they're developing products. For you. - Jenna Schnuer 

The Chef: Paula Deen
The Show: Food Network's Paula's Home Cooking and Paula's Party
The Product: Cleaning up after cooking Deen's big stick-to-your-ribs Southern food just got a little easier. Her new line of stainless steel and copper cookware features nonstick interiors. Let the mac and cheese bubble away.
$180 for an 11-piece set.

The Chef: Paul Prudhomme
The Show: American Public Television's Chef Paul Prudhomme's Always Cooking!
The Product: Chef Paul's been cooking ever since he was a wee one in his mama's kitchen. And the Louisiana native still loves mixing up a good seasoning blend for his fans. He says his latest two, Fajita Magic and Barbecue Magic, will "blow you away."
$3 each.

The Chef: Alton Brown
The Show: Food Network's Good Eats and Iron Chef America
The Product: Considering Brown's science-behind- the-cooking approach, the lab-equipment looks of his Plunger and Plunger Jr. multiuse measuring tools make total sense.
$14 for the set.

The Chef: Ming Tsai
The Show: American Public Television's Simply Ming
The Product: It's tea for you (and whatever you choose to tea up) with Ming's Tea Rubs. There are five different blends, including the salmon-friendly Asian BBQ Tea Rub and the perk-up-chicken Citrus Tea Rub.
$6 each.

The Chef: Bobby Flay
The Show: Food Network's Throwdown with Bobby Flay and Iron Chef America
The Product: Flay's known for his big flavors, and, if he has his way, you'll be known for them too. His new line of eight sauces and rubs includes Habanero Mango Hot Sauce ($6), 16 Spice Poultry Rub ($7), Mesa Grill Steak Sauce ($10), and more.

The Chef: Todd English
The Show: American Public Television's Food Trip with Todd English
The Product: English's strong bone structure and cooking skills are helping move plenty of product on the Home Shopping Network. Though he's set to introduce his own line of earth-friendly pots in late February, right now he's putting his muscle behind GreenPan with Thermolon Technology.
$140 for a seven-piece set