You have to hand it to the crew at Irish dairy company KERRYGOLD — they definitely know how to make cheese cool. First, they brought their new sweet Skellig Cheddar (a flavor that’s all the rage on the Emerald Isle) stateside. And when we say sweet, we don’t mean sweet in the traditional sense. Rather, we are talking about the cheese’s intense, high-umami flavor (umami is a savory taste scientifically recognized as our fifth taste after salty, sweet, sour and bitter). Then, the company introduced its Dubliner mature cheddar cheese to the U.S. market in a pre-sliced, cracker­-cut form. And now, last but not least in the company’s cheese renaissance, Kerrygold is deter-mined to prove that Irish beer and Irish cheese are where it’s at, lest people think about munching on Brie and Bordeaux at their next supper party. Try pairing the Kerrygold Cashel Blue with a Guinness Black Lager, as recommended in Kerrygold’s downloadable beer-and-cheese pairing guide (developed by James Beard Award-winning cookbook author and cheese authority Laura Werlin), and you’ll find that the creaminess of the cheese alongside the creaminess of the beer is a match made in (Irish) heaven. Oh, and did we mention Kerrygold’s aged cheddar infused with Irish whiskey? Who says cheese is dull?