American Way And yet when I fail as an investor, isn't it my fault? Let's say a total stranger calls and says, "If you buy XYZ, you'll make a lot of money." Don't I have to be the village idiot to believe that?

Schwab That's the corruption. But you listen. He says, "Do you want to make quick money?" Who doesn't? He's appealing to your greed.
Everybody loves buying the $2 lottery ticket. That's human. But the more savvy people understand you cannot go through life putting all your money in lottery tickets. There are better ways.

There are two routes. You can develop your own business, and that is a great way. Others have chosen to work for major companies where they get salaries and bonuses, and they put their money into investments that will grow over time.

It's interesting: In America, we are encouraged to be savers and investors, one way or another, but walk the streets of San Francisco and you see people who didn't quite make it. They need help.