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Since February 2013, when American ­Airlines and US Airways announced our intent to merge our two great airlines, our goal has been clear: to restore American as the greatest airline in the world. Our membership in the oneworld alliance is just one of the ways we’re doing that.

March 31 marked the official date of US Airways’ membership in oneworld, bringing our entire merged airline into the same global alliance, another crucial step in our progress toward fully integrating the two carriers.

Providing our customers with frequent service and a robust global network is essential to building the world’s greatest airline, and oneworld’s collective global network gives our customers access to key destinations in more than 150 countries. For the first time, customers traveling with US Airways can experience what is widely recognized as the premier global airline alliance for international travelers.

The entry of US Airways also signifies a ­major milestone for the alliance. Its membership, along with the recent addition of TAM Airlines — the leading carrier in Brazil — represents the largest expansion oneworld has seen since its inception. US Airways alone adds nearly 50 destinations to the oneworld map and boosts the alliance’s network in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

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In fact, in the past two years, the alliance has added 200 destinations and increased its capacity and departures by more than 50 percent. New member airlines such as Malaysia Airlines and Qatar Airways have significantly increased oneworld’s presence in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions, both of which have seen a growing demand for international travel.

Also, oneworld continues to expand with the addition later this year of SriLankan Airlines, the first airline from the Indian subcontinent to join any global alliance.

On behalf of the nearly 100,000 worldwide employees of American Airlines, thank you for flying with us today. We hope to see you on a flight with us — or one of our oneworld partners — again soon.

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