Our heads are spinning with all the cool phone-plus-PDA-plus-wireless-messaging-plus-kitchen-sink devices on the market. We hear the new Kyocera 7135 smartphone, coming late this year, will combine superior telephony, a full Palm Pilot, MP3 player, GPS sy

HANDSPRING TREO 270, $499 plus service
PROS: New color screen and Blackberry-style “push” e-mail features enhance an already stellar combo.
CONS: The Treo uses its cell-phone network to check e-mail, meaning hefty bills and occasional dropped calls.
BOTTOM LINE: The color 270 puts more space between Treo and its rivals, and should get even better when Sprint’s high-speed network version is ready in the fall.
MORE INFO:www.handspring.com
BLACKBERRY 5810, $499 plus service
PROS: Palmtop-cell phone combo seamlessly syncs with office e-mail programs such as Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino. Optional large-font feature and strong backlight mean less squinting.
CONS: Cost of unit + calling plan + pager fee = ouch. Also, runs on GPRS network that’s not always available outside large cities.
BOTTOM LINE: A must-have combo for mobile professionals already hooked on Blackberry — especially if the company foots the bill.
MORE INFO:www.blackberry.net
MOTOROLA V200, $249 plus service
PROS: The speakerphone allows you to talk and send text messages at the same time. Good volume and clarity, too.
CONS: E-mail function can run slow. And the device has no earpiece, so you’ll need to use the included headset for private chats.
BOTTOM LINE: A nice two-way pager, cell phone, and PDA with voice dialing for 20 entries and a voice recorder.
MORE INFO:www.motorola.com