Celebs Maggie Gyllenhaal, Julia Roberts, and Sofia Coppola know that showing up at the awards shows in a vintage Galliano or Chanel gown is the ultimate in superstar chic.

Fashion designers know this, too. Just take a look at what’s available in stores from Banana Republic to the trendiest boutiques and you’ll understand: Women’s ’40s-style Empire-waist dresses; full, pleated ’50s-inspired skirts; and bohemian tunics from the ’70s. And for men, how about shirt jackets with wide ’70s collars and Beatles-style shirts with plaids and florals?

Says designer Trina Turk, who wears vintage herself and buys vintage for ideas: “There’s nothing wrong with being inspired by what’s around you. Our business has had a long and proud history of knockoffs. That’s just part of the industry. I think it happens at the highest level of the market and the lowest level. Why deny it?”
— Ellise Pierce