"Last summer I was producing a professional boxing telecast for Fox Sports Net in Las Vegas and was playing golf on my off day at the beautiful TPC Canyons course. I teed off on a hole on the front nine and as my ball was racing down the fairway, a gang of coyote pups came running out from the desert, caught up to my ball, played with it a few seconds, and then raced off with it. I've lost balls before, but this one tops them all."
- Robert Steinfeld, Irving, Texas

"I was on a business trip to Nome, Alaska, to photograph the Iditarod dog sled race and my boyfriend was with me. We took snow machines to a small Inupiat village that was also a rest/checkpoint for the mushers and their teams. We camped by the side of the trail, a couple of miles out of the village. Throughout the night, we saw teams pass by our tent with only the full moon and headlamps to guide them. The next day, we returned to Nome so I could shoot more images near the finish line. We loved the area and the people were so friendly that we decided it was the perfect place to get married. The next day, we met the judge on the frozen ice pack of the Bering Sea. There we exchanged rings made of Nome gold. My flowers froze in the first five minutes."
- Stephanie Hager, Corona del Mar, California

"As a young man, I was working for an advertising agency, and one of my many accounts was a condom manufacturer. I was going to see the client in New Jersey and had a briefcase full of condom boxes. I was late for my flight, and in my haste, I tripped getting onto the plane. My briefcase flew open and boxes of condoms were strewn all over the floor of the cabin. A nice Japanese man who was behind me bent down to help pick up what had fallen out of my briefcase. Half-way down, he focused on the graphic on the back of the box (a condom properly applied). The man immediately stood up, smiled, and continued down the aisle."