- Kathy Weidman, Malboro, Maryland

"While out to dinner with some co-workers during a visit to Little Rock, Arkansas, in the late 1980s, we struck up a conversation with another group sitting nearby, who appeared to be local businessmen. They were very proud of their Arkansas roots and were describing the virtues of the state. After talking with them awhile, we discovered that the most outgoing of the group was the governor of Arkansas. Six years later, this man was elected president of the United States."
- Patrick Cogley, Grand Prairie, Texas

"I was traveling from Washington Dulles to Los Angeles. When I checked in, the agent said, 'Aren't you lucky. You're sitting next to Johnny Mathis.' During the flight, we chatted briefly and I told him I was headed to California for business and to see my sister-in-law who was recovering from breast cancer and that he was her favorite person on the planet. He autographed a CD for my sister-in-law and gave me his boarding pass to give to her. She just reached her one-year anniversary as a survivor and she credits listening to that CD over and over again as one of the most important factors in her recovery."
- William Lewis, Fairfax, Virginia

"While standing in line waiting for my luggage, the gentleman next to me pointed out someone's bag coming down in a bucket. The suitcase had broken and the clothes were hanging out everywhere. He noticed a black lace bra hanging out and said, 'Boy, I have to meet this chick! I'm going to wait and see who it is.' As the cart came closer, I realized it was my bra hanging out. Needless to say, I stood there and didn't grab it. He waited around, and I told him my luggage must have been lost."