"I eat breakfast at Eden Rock on St. Jean Beach in St. Barts. I like the view because I used to live in St. Jean. I wrote a couple of books and albums there, and I used to rent a room at the Eden Rock. It was kind of my office."

"The most deserted beaches I've ever seen are on Long Island in the Bahamas. There are a couple of little hotels there and this incredibly long pink sand beach. The beaches in Barbuda, off of Antigua, are absolutely beautiful, too. The reefs have some of the best diving in the world."

"Up-island in the Bahamas, I'd have to say Harbour Island. You can fish there, and there are nice restaurants and a marina. Just look up "Bonefish Joe" Cleare, and he'll take you fishing. I think every island has a Bonefish Joe, but he's probably the best one."

"There are beaches in Jamaica, but I go for the mountains. I really like islands with mountains. It's that incredible rivers-meet-the-ocean kind of thing. Dominica is probably my favorite, and Jamaica as well. I like the Cockpit Country up in the Jamaican mountains. Tropically lush plants. And it just smells good. You get away from the heat of the beach and get into altitude, and there are farms up there and beautiful rolling hills and mountains and rivers, and you can see the ocean."

"I like to eat at my own restaurants in Jamaica. Margaritaville in Montego Bay, and Marguerite's, which is the restaurant next to it. Marguerite's is the best restaurant in MoBay, and not just because I happen to be in business with them. It's kind of a combination of jerk and Cajun, and it's really nice there. I'm getting ready to go down in a couple of weeks to open Island Village [a Margaritaville clone] in Ocho Rios. Then there's a little hotel and restaurant called The Caves in Negril, which is a great spot. It's just basic Jamaican: beans and rice and jerk. It's also a great place to stay because the rooms are carved out of caves."