"I took my kids to the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston, Jamaica. If you're a Bob Marley fan, you should go there. It's a funky little place, but worth going to. The great thing about the Caribbean is the diversity of the music. I have made it my business to collect CDs from the islands. Calypso, reggae, soukous, zook, you name it, I like it."

"I always liked Papillote underneath Trafalgar Falls in Dominica. It serves mountain chicken, which is like these large frogs. Of course, everything tastes like chicken, but they're great. There's a hot waterfall and a cold waterfall up at the falls. They'll take you from the airport and drop you at this little restaurant, and then you can hike to the falls and come down and have a meal."

"I've always wanted to do 'The Jimmy Buffett 10 Best Bars in the Caribbean' as a show. Just get in my seaplane and play these bars. I'd start in Bimini at the Compleat Angler, where Hemingway lived and which influenced The Old Man and the Sea. Then the Staniel Cay Club in the Bahamas and Happy People Marina. Happy People has a great dance floor and Staniel Cay's got a great dinner. Then I would go to Kaye's on Rum Cay, which is down at the end of the Bahamas. It's a very remote, very beautiful island. From the Bahamas, I'd stop at the Turtle Cove Inn in Providenciales, which I would put as one of my top 10 seafood restaurants in the world. They do the best fresh conch dishes there. I'd then go to the Anegada Reef Hotel and play there. After that, Le Select in St. Barts, where I let them use the Cheeseburger in Paradise trademark for the restaurant and I get to eat and drink free for the rest of my life. If I was heading south from there, one of my other little spots would be the Admiral's Inn in Antigua. It's where all the yachties go. And there's Frangipani, a great little French hotel with a great restaurant in Bequia."