Tennis pro Ronald Agenor has a strong connection to the Caribbean. He holds the unchallenged title of being the only gold-medal winner in Haiti’s history. He also currently stands, at 37, as the oldest active player on the ATP tour. Even though he was born in Morocco and resides in L.A., Agenor has always held a fondness for the Caribbean and the tiny country known as Haiti.

AW: What’s your favorite spot in all of the Caribbean?
A long time ago, Haiti used to be called the “Pearl of the Caribbean” but today I think the Bahamas are on the top of my list.

AW: Describe Haiti to someone who’s never been there.
Haiti is a beautiful island with a lot of culture.

AW: A perfect Caribbean day.
Watersports, food, and music.

AW: Favorite Caribbean activity.

AW: What do you credit for the longevity of your tennis career?
My spirit, my determination, and my wife.

AW: When do you know it’s time to retire?
I still do not know. As of right now I have a Tennis Academy in Los Angeles and I am a full-time coach, but I might give a shot to competition again this year as I still have a world ranking of 300.