Dominican Republic. The government Office for Promotion of Foreign Investment
( is devoted to encouraging foreign businesses to consider the Dominican Republic. Ascot Advisory Services (; 809-334-5387) assists with incorporation, residency, banking, and other services in the Dominican Republic.

Costa Rica. The federal government actively encourages foreign trade and investment. Visit CINDE, the official organization for investment promotion, at or 212-997-9662.

Puerto Rico. Start with the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Co., or PRIDCO (, the island organization charged with developing the economy and attracting foreign investment.

Barbados has worked hard to develop manufacturing, financial services, and information technology. The country is also in the process of privatizing state-owned enterprises and creating opportunities for domestic and international investors. More information can be found at the Barbados Investment Development Corporation's Web site (

Trinidad & Tobago's large oil and gas reserves have attracted much foreign investment, helping fuel steady economic growth over the past decade. Its government has been lauded for efforts to implement structural reforms as a way to encourage both foreign investment and inward business development. More information can be found at


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