Admit it. You’ve been eyeing car video systems, dreaming of front-seat serenity even with kids in the back. Here are two ways — one cheap, one not so — to find blessed silence on the road.

Sony’s Mobile DVD Dream System MV900SDS beams movies and cartoons to the kiddos on its 9-inch, fold-down LCD. The screen rotates for head-on viewing anywhere in the car, and an FM transmitter streams sound through the radio. Use the wireless headphones if you don’t want to hear SpongeBob cackle for the 189th time. $999.­

You can even avoid the fight over what to watch with Hasbro’s VideoNow Color and VideoNow Jr. personal players designed just for kids. The proprietary discs, “PVDs,” run the gamut from episodes of American Idol to Sesame Street. Pop a Tony Hawk documentary into big brother’s and an episode of The Wiggles into your preschooler’s junior version. Ah, peace. VideoNow Color, $75, and Jr., $80; discs $9 each.