Ever notice the smug look electric-car owners get on their faces as they silently whir away? It’s annoying. We checked in with Josh Dorfman, author of The Lazy Environmentalist (Stewart, Tabori & Chang, $15) and spokesman for FilterForGood.com, to see what the rest of us can do to give our daily commute an eco-makeover.

Are hybrids the best way to go green on the way to work?
[Why] are we celebrating a solution that is [all about] driving your own car? There’s another philosophy that asks how we can really reduce the impact of our transportation in ways that are still going to get uswhere we want to go, in ways we want to get there.

Like what?
[Car-sharing programs like] Zipcar. It’s so successful that Enterprise Rent-a-Car just announced that they’re launching their own car-sharing program.

Any others catch your eye?
GoLoco.org is designed to make carpooling something we might consider doing. You create a social profile. You can read about other people. And you can choose whom you might want to ride with so you’re not getting into a car with a random stranger who has a really disgusting car deodorizeror really bad taste in music.