Tale #3: The Kid From The Country Gets Big-City Style
"I worked at Paul Smith when I first moved to London. It was a great place to work. I got a lot of great clothes from there, and I still do. But back then I got a great discount. It kept clothes on my back the whole way through school. Now I'll dress in one of his suits or I'll wear his shirts. Paul Smith's got great British style. There are little details and things that make his stuff stand out. I think what I learned about style from there is to be individual and not to feel like you have to conform. Just wear what feels good and be a little eccentric if you feel like it."

Tale #4: A Young Man On The Prowl
"I normally lay low when I get to London these days. But I used to go to a pub, the Old Ship, that has beautiful views of the River Thames. There's also the Cow, a pub near the Portobello Road market, which is a great place to go on the weekend. The Cow was always good for a pint of prawns or some oysters and a Guinness. It's got character. When I was younger, I used to go to pubs and bars and hang out with friends and do Soho. But it's been awhile. That was before I broke my back."

Tale #5: The Daredevilish Lad Narrowly Escapes Death
"I was visiting friends in Lisson Grove. They had a roof terrace on the landing below their apartment. I got up to the fourth floor and I could see this roof terrace. I could have just jumped straight from the window onto the ledge, but instead I got onto this piece of drainpipe flashing, nothing really substantial, and I fell back and landed on a first floor terrace between some iron railings and an old washing machine. I had a rather miraculous escape from death and the possibility of spending my life in a chair. For four days I contemplated that, having been told by the doctors that I would never walk again. It's something that's actually been a very positive part of my life. It made me appreciate life with a fresh set of eyes. Forced me to slow down, look around, and think a little more."

Tale #6: The Student Discovers Stillness And Drama
"It's always great to see Buckingham Palace. Really, if you only have one day in London, for my money, you should walk through Hyde Park or Green Park and then walk down to Buckingham Palace. The Tate gallery is great, too. Very inspired. Madame Tussauds wax museum was always an interesting place to go. I went there when I was very young. They have a planetarium there, as well. And there's the London Zoo. I actually studied animals at the London Zoo. It was part of a course. We had to go there every weekend, study the animals, come back, and mimic the animals' behaviors. I studied all these fantastic animals, like apes and lions, but I ended up being a lizard. The teacher felt that stillness was something that would be of great use to me later in my career. She said, 'It's a lizard for you, young man.' I have to tell you, it was fantastic studying lizards. I learned stillness, composure. You don't have to be doing something to be doing something. Sometimes you can do too much.

"I spent three years at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama. That's where Ewan McGregor studied, and David Thewlis, who is in Kingdom of Heaven. And Joe Fiennes. You can go and see the third-year performances there. It's a great school. I had three fantastic years there. It's next door to the Barbican. The Royal Shakespeare Company had productions going on at the Barbican, and we would go and see productions there. But we had our own productions at school. That was where I learned it was something I really loved. Acting and learning about Shakespeare."