"I hosted, I think, the fourth Saturday Night Live. I was the first woman to host the show. And then I hosted three or four shows later, in December. For that show, a Christmas show, we were doing sort of a parody of an Ice Capades, only that was when they were doing sketches on the killer bees. So John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd and the whole cast would dress up as bees. They decided to have a 'Bee Capades.' We had to pre-shoot this. It wasn't done live, because it was such a big production number. We shot it on a Friday night, late, after the Rockefeller Center ice rink had closed. I wasn't a bee; I had sort of a Sonja Henie costume. Red velvet with a white fur hat and a white fur muff. I looked really stupid, actually. We all went down in the elevators dressed as bees and me as Sonja Henie, and the elevator operators were men who had been at Rockefeller Center all their lives and were now in their 60s and 70s, and they never looked to the side. They just kept their eyes straight ahead. We had the whole ice rink to ourselves, and there was a camera on a crane and on top of two of the buildings. We got to skate around like idiots to Christmas music. At the end, everybody lay down and spelled out 'Merry Christmas' on the ice. It was just late at night in New York and one of those moments of lunacy that seem to sum up the unpredictability and the element of surprise of the city."

candice bergen's new york city essentials


the carlyle
very expensive
(212) 744-1600

the mercer
very expensive
(212) 966-6060

60 thompson
very expensive
(212) 431-0400


brasserie; moderate
(212) 965-1414

american; very expensive
(212) 780-0880