"Kids of all ages love Serendipity for the frozen hot chocolate, which is one of the best chocolate drinks in the world, and the foot-long hot dog. I went there when I was 17 years old. My daughter is now 17 and she goes there. It's open quite late at night. On the corner of 60th and 3rd is Dylan's Candy Bar. You've never seen a more fabulous candy store. Downstairs, they have clothing and baseball caps. Really fun stuff. It's co-owned by Ralph Lauren's daughter, Dylan, and it's a big hit."

"The other thing to do downtown is to rent bikes and bike the Hudson River path. It will take you all the way up to the George Washington Bridge, the length of Manhattan."

"There's a whole museum path now in Queens, where you can do a loop of things. It's become very much the spot. P.S.1 is in Queens, and it was a public school that's been made over into a cutting-edge museum. Incredibly interesting, quite avant-garde exhibits. There's also the Noguchi Museum. A really fun museum is the new Museum of Modern Art, Queens. It's easy to take the subway there; it goes direct. You can take the subway back and get off at Lexington and 59th and have an early dinner at Gino, an Italian restaurant with terrific food. I've gone there since I was a kid, and they haven't changed anything."

"Danube is one of the most beautiful dining rooms. It's Vienna at the turn of the century. Viennese cuisine. It's a small dining room, very elegant, very romantic. The chef is David Bouley. Another restaurant I love because it's so festive and because the food is delicious is Osteria Del Circo. It's the casual version of Le Cirque, owned by the same family. Circo means 'circus' in Italian, and there are metal sculptures of monkeys and people on tightropes up over your head. There's a wonderful sense of animation to the room. It's a great place for dinner before or after the theater. Also for Italian, there's Elio's. It's very casual, intimate, and lively, and the food is really wonderful. Another great Italian place downtown is Lupa. It's completely unremarkable looking with completely remarkable food."