From being the first woman to proclaim "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night" to a now permanent resident of Manhattan, this actress knows her NYC. As she prepares for her latest movie release, a remake of the '70s classic The In-Laws, she tells us about the best of the Big Apple.
She's been an actress, model, writer, photographer, talk show host, wife, mother, and the daughter of famed ventriloquist Edgar Bergen. But through it all, Candice Bergen has, spiritually, been a New Yorker. Born in L.A., she fell in love with New York at 17, when she began commuting for modeling assignments from the University of Pennsylvania. Soon she was starring in films like the Manhattan-based Carnal Knowledge, opposite Jack Nicholson, followed by a host of movie and TV roles, including duty as the first female host of the quintessentially-New-York Saturday Night Live. Even as Murphy Brown, the smart, sassy, and defiantly single news reporter she played every week for 10 years (and five Emmys), Bergen exuded an East Coast sensibility. Two years ago, she moved to Manhattan full-time with her new husband, developer/philanthropist Marshall Rose, and daughter Chloe Malle. This month, she'll pop up on movie screens across the country in a remake of the '70s comedy The In-Laws, co-starring Michael Douglas and Albert Brooks. Until then, here's a fast-paced weekend in the Big Apple with the apple of our eye, Candice Bergen.

"Uptown, the place I used to stay when I was a kid traveling with my parents is The Carlyle. I don't think it gets much nicer. What I love is that it's hardly changed. I love the traditional feeling, the service, the understated elegance of it. Downtown, there's a hotel most people don't know about called 60 Thompson, a small, modern, sleek hotel. It has a wonderful restaurant called Thom. The Mercer hotel is also downtown."