Next time you find yourself in Cancun, Mexico, get on the fast track behind the wheel of a high-speed dream car like a Lamborghini Gallardo, an Audi R8 — even a gull-wing Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. With 12 cylinders, 640 horses of giddyup and a five-handkerchief drool factor, these cars make short, tight, precision turns on Exotic Rides Cancun’s converted kart track. Choose from a half-day track package that includes a performance-driving lesson with a pro race driver, or pay by the lap and take one turn with the pro before switching cars to experience the handling, acceleration and engine roar of another. There’s also a clubhouse with a sleek restaurant and an upstairs bar where you can watch the action or review your own lap times over a cerveza fria. Hot laps from $50, track day from $99, depending on the car;