Having a co-owner like Cameron Diaz can’t but help the buzz factor at a place like Bambú (1661 Meridian Ave.; 305-531-4800), the Miami Beach hot spot with the hip and tanned. Downstairs, Bambú has a sushi bar and dining room serving cutting-edge Asian cuisine such as fried chili crab claws with kaffir lime and Thai basil. Upstairs is a lounge that features a dazzling array of rare sakes and a dozen signature cocktails that include the celestially named In the Blue, which will surely put you in the pink.

in the blue
in a shaker with ice cubes pour:
     1 1/4 oz. of tanqueray #ten gin
     1 oz. tuaca italian liqueur
     3/4 oz. blue curaçao
     6 oz. fresh lychee nut juice
     (available at gourmet or asian markets)

shake till very cold, pour into a brandy snifter,
and garnish with a fresh lychee or orange slice.