Great! Another calendar I don't understand. - Michael Bourgeois, Saugus, Massachusetts (pictured top right)

"I strongly believe that there is a more civilized way to conduct a workforce reduction!" - Mark Statnikov, Dallas, Texas (pictured bottom left)

"Hello, Platinum desk? I'm stuck in really bad traffic. Can you check the standby availability of the next flight for me?" (I've never done this.) - Gretchen Bieber, Chicago, Illinois (pictured bottom center)

It was nice to have someone else lug my luggage on my way to Jaipur. This was a way I never considered, but, hey, I am open to anything new as a road warrior! - Jillien Cruse, Chicago, Illinois (pictured bottom right)

Wherever you go, there you are - and there's probably someone else there who has the same idea that you do.... (see pictured strip)
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"Looks like I am gonna be a little late - I'm stuck in a uh camel jam just outside Delhi." - Andres Uribe, Niles, Michigan (pictured top left)