For many of us, caffeine is essential to kick-starting the morning. We like the boost it gives us — and how smooth it leaves our skin. You read that right. Caffeine, the stuff behind the buzz in a cup of java, is a key component in a new line of shaving products from San Francisco–based PACIFIC SHAVING CO. The concept is not as far-fetched as it might sound. Widely used in women’s cosmetics, caffeine, a reported antioxidant, is also an effective vasoconstrictor, known to reduce redness while keeping skin fresh and youthful-­looking. Pacific has slipped it into two new products, Caffeinated Shaving Cream and Caffeinated Aftershave. The dosages are small — just 50 milligrams of naturally derived caffeine in each travel-­friendly, concentrated 3-ounce tube. That’s less than what you’d find in a single espresso but enough to guarantee a smooth shave without a hint of razor rash. Yes, caffeine absorbs into skin, so you might sense a slight uplift as you’re grooming. But these products won’t replace your morning coffee. You’ll still want a cup. Or three. $8,