Test your napping IQ with the following quiz. If you miss more than two, then you need to hit the sack.

1) Name the Super Bowl XXXVI winner who took a nap before kickoff on his way to an MVP performance?

2) Who said, “You must sleep sometime between lunch and dinner, and no halfway measures. Take off your clothes and get into bed.”

A. Carl Sagan

B. Paris Hilton

C. Winston Churchill

3) True or false: There is a National Workplace Napping Day.
Which is likely to be the better napping strategy — several 30-minute naps during the week, or one hours-long nap on the weekend?

4) How did Salvador Dali awaken himself from naps?

A. He had an assistant gently pull on his mustache.
B. He held a spoon over a metal bowl and woke up when he dropped it.
C. He set his watch to melt in 30 minutes.

6) Name the famous napper whose “cat nap” cot was relocated from Menlo Park, New Jersey, to Fort Myers, Florida, and is now on public display. — J.G.