Remember slide projectors? Loading hundreds of tiny slides into a circular tray on top of a huge box with a light bulb inside? We’ve come a long way to today’s multimedia projectors and visualizers. Not only are they great for business travel, but they’ll also show off your latest vacation pics!
Dell 3300MP, $1,699
Assets: Lightweight and packed with features such as remote control and auto-correct

Liabilities: The optional memory card reader requires a $149 upgrade, and other extras (like cables or a carrying case) can cause the price to soar.

Bottom line: A high-quality, portable option at a reasonable price for frequent presenters

Mitsubishi XD50U Mini-Mits, $2,995

Assets: Weighing in at just over three pounds, this baby packs a powerful light source and a compact flash reader.

Liabilities: A pretty hefty hit to the pocketbook

Bottom line: Lots of high-end features in an easy-to-tote model means this pricey projector deserves a look.

Optoma EzPro 725, $2,595

Assets: A tiny, 2.1 lb. box with an onscreen menu that’s available in nine languages
Liabilities: Half the size of most models, it’ll cost you almost twice the price.
Bottom line: It is expensive, but superfly light. You make the call.
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