Which are your favorites? "The statue of King Matthias right outside the National Gallery. King Matthias, if I'm not mistaken, is the one who brought Christianity into Hungary, because the church is named after him. There's a fantastic statue of him outside of Matthias Church as well. The church is really me­dieval, and he's in full hanging armor. But the statue of him outside the National Gallery is of him hunting, and he looks like he's there on a craggy mountainside. He has two hunting dogs that look totally real and a guy with a falcon on his wrist. Heroes Square has my second most favorite sculpture in the world: a statue of the seven tribes that founded Hungary, who were led by Árpád. They are on the most incredible horses, with manes that go down to the ground. One of the bridles is made out of deer antler. It's just so dramatic. Also, on Vörösmarty Square there are these wonderful lions with water coming out of their mouths. I have this great picture of my daughter when she was little sitting on one of the lions with the water. Oh, and in the Museum of Fine Arts there's a fantastic statue of a young man, it could almost be like a modern David. We were told to go see it by our [Lion in Winter] producer. He told Andrew Howard, who played Richard the Lionheart, to go and look at the statue because he thought it really embodied the spirit, the beauty, and the ferocity of Richard the Lionheart. And indeed it does. Because he's kind of standing on one hip, so it's very sexy, and you have a sense that he has the potential for great power and possibly great violence, and yet, there's something very beautiful about him as well."