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our budapest bests.

andrássy hotel

very expensive, 011-36-1-462-2100.
this hotel, with terraces in most of the 70 rooms, appeals to both the business and leisure traveler. be sure to visit their recently opened restaurant and bar, which features chef istván pesti's multicultural blend of flavors.

hotel burg
moderate, 011-36-1-212-0269.
located on the main square of the castle district, this hidden treasure offers panoramic views from almost all of its rooms, and especially the breakfast room. bring the camera.

kis buda gyöngye

moderate, 011-36-1-368-6402.
don't worry if you can't say the name of this place, just remember "little pearl of buda." dine by candlelight under the branches of a gnarly old tree while savoring the special goose combination plate, which includes a roast goose leg, goose cracklings, and goose liver.

náncsi néni
moderate, 011-36-1-397-2742.
high up in the buda hills is this popular yet remote restaurant with live accordion music nightly. of their typically hungarian dishes, the cottage-cheese dumplings are said to be the best in town.

ruszwurm cukrászda
inexpensive, 011-36-1-375-5284.
this charming century-old pastry shop in the heart of the castle district is owned by the masters of marzipan, the szamos dynasty. seating is limited, but worth the wait for tasty treats like the krémes, a crispy confection with vanilla cream filling, and the dobos torta, a multilayered cake with a thin caramel crust on top.

statue park