Weekends wasted in crowded shopping malls, flustered by run-ins with the fickle winds of fashion. Is it any wonder men resist clothes shopping? Buck Mason shoots for something simpler, with one-click purchases of outfits that endure. 

An online retailer of classic, American-made apparel, Buck Mason curates six-piece packages of timeless, stylish clothing and sends them in bundles to your doorstep, transforming your home into a changing room. A price list comes enclosed. You keep (and pay for) the items you want and return the rest for your money back. Shipping in both directions is free. However, Buck Mason isn’t intended for trend-chasers. You’ll find no skinny jeans. No paisley shirts. No fussy bow ties. The focus is on polos, oxford shirts, five-pocket blue jeans and T-shirts. Though six-piece packages make up the bulk of the business, Buck Mason also offers individual items. Over the next few months, the company is moving into trousers, shorts, accessories and footwear. Fashion? That’s fleeting. Think straightforward, well made pieces that won’t be in today and out tomorrow. These clothes last. So do their looks. Six-piece package, $350; individually, T-shirts are $25, polos are $45, button-downs are $65 and pants are $100, www.buckmason.com