From All-American at Virginia Tech to All-Pro with the Buffalo Bills, Bruce Smith’s career has always been about being the best. He brings that winning attitude to the Washington Redskins’ defense in his second season in a burgundy-and-gold uniform. What else would you expect from a veteran player with 13 double-digit sack seasons?

AW: What’s been the defining moment of your career?
Well, I hope the most defining moment hasn’t happened yet. I’m a person who likes to look forward to the future, look forward to changes and a new environment, so I’m happy being here with the Redskins. Hopefully, all of this hard work will pay off at the end of the season.
AW: How long do you plan on playing?
At this stage in my career, I’m taking it one year at a time. As long as I’m enjoying myself, as long as we’re winning, and as long as I’m having fun and my body is not sending me signals that tell me otherwise, I will play.
AW: Who was your childhood hero?
My father. To me, the good ethics, hard work, determination, compassion for whatever I desired to become in life — those are the tangible things that have stuck with me to this day, and I thank him for that. I just wish he were still around, so we could share these good times together. — J.E.M.