Justin Stephens/USA Network
When it comes to cool, few in Hollywood surpass BRUCE CAMPBELL, 55, who has built an enviable career going his own way as a cult favorite in films like the Evil Dead series and Bubba Ho-Tep and on TV’s Burn Notice, which just launched its seventh and final season. “I don’t know if I’m cool or not,” Campbell says, “but I did sell a few copies of [autobiographical novel] Make Love!* *the Bruce Campbell Way.” Tongue planted firmly in cheek, Campbell lends readers some tips on being as cool as he is.

DON'T TRY. “If you try, you’re doomed. Nobody wants to be the guy at the gym who puffs up his arms checking out his guns in the mirror, and nobody wants to be with that guy either. That’s doom. Don’t try so hard.”

DON'T SPEAK. “Pickup lines? Never. It’s the Ryan Gosling Effect. He makes movies where he has, like, one line every half-hour, and it’s, like, ‘Yeah, let’s go.’ And he’s so cool. Now, in real life, I’ll bet he’s a massive nerd. But women love that quiet, mysterious thing.”

BE PATIENT. “Just sit there and hope, and 20 years will go by. Maybe somebody’s sitting next to you by then.”