Wouldn’t it be nice to take an executive assist-ant along on your business trips — without busting the travel budget? Here’s some smart software to help you carry the load on the road.

EPrompter 1.05 (free download)
Pros: This e-mail retriever automatically checks up to eight e-mail accounts (including Earthlink, MSN, Netscape, and, yes, AOL), then notifies you when new messages appear. You can also opt for audio alerts.
Cons: Some users resent the included “spyware” that can track surfing behavior.
Bottom line: You know all that time we waste checking for e-mail that hasn’t come? We don’t get it back at the end of our lives. Let ePrompter save you some minutes now.
More info:www.eprompter.com

GoToMyPc ($9.95 per month or $119.40 per year)
Pros: Dialing long distance via the Net, GoToMyPc lets you remotely access and work on any Windows PC. After registering at www.gotomypc.com, download the program onto the computer you’ll be leaving behind. You can launch programs, work on files, and check e-mail.
Cons: Can be sluggish if you don’t have speedy broadband access. And your co-workers may think your cubicle is haunted.
Bottom line: Maybe those $3,500 laptops aren’t indispensable after all.
More info:www.gotymypc.com

TimeTalk Alert ($29.95)
Pros: This new scheduling assistant from Fonix Corp. will organize and read aloud your upcoming appointments while you scan the newspaper or — if you’re driving — keep your eyes on the road.
Cons: Right now, Time Talk Alert works only with Pocket PCs, not the more popular Palm-OS units.
Bottom line: If you’re in love with voice-tech gadgets, this one’s for you.
More info:www.fonix.com