Forget sleeping bags and roasted marshmallows. These hiking trails lead straight to warm beds, gourmet meals and enough activities to keep you from wanting to take the trail back home.

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1. Paradise Lodge

A 3.5-mile trek along the Rogue River Trail near Galice, Ore. (about 50 miles north of Medford), leads straight to this luxe yet rustic lodge, where campfi re dining includes chicken, ribs or brisket with veggies from the garden and local wines. Activities include fi shing, rafting, hiking — or just relaxing on a hammock overlooking the river. $160 per night (includes three meals), (888) 667-6483,

2. Saugerties Lighthouse
Built in 1869 as a beacon for boats traveling on the Hudson River, the lighthouse — a little over 100 miles from New York City — also serves as a bedand- breakfast. A half-mile trail leads straight to the front door; inside are two guest rooms fi lled with period furnishings and decorative quilts. The remote shoal is a popular spot for fishing and bird-watching. $200 per night (includes breakfast), (845) 247-0656,

3. Phantom Ranch
A nine-mile hike along the Bright Angel Trail leads to this iconic inn. Situated near the Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, Phantom Ranch is the only lodging facility below the canyon rim. Built in 1922, the main lodge and 11 cabins offer rustic accommodations (think bunk beds and shared bathrooms), but their location is second to none. From $42 per night, (888) 297-2757,

4. Skoki Lodge
The views of the Rockies from the 7,100-foot elevation are worth the effort of the sevenmile hike to this remote spot in Canada’s Banff National Park. Built in the 1930s, the main building is a log cabin fi lled with ski memorabilia and historic photos. In the three surrounding cabins, fl annel sheets, kerosene lanterns and wood stoves have pioneer appeal. From $144 per night (including meals), (403) 522-7248 ,